Dame A9

A9 Update, I wanna name it the simplification update, but in a way I dunno how accurate it is.

  • Redid the bridge to be so much more simple as it was a major complaint
  • Made the ground below the bridge higher up
  • Added cover on the control point, this should encourage the far bridge to allow players to kinda sneak around and attack from a different angle
  • To compensate, i've re-opened the path behind the control point but made it a drop off, players can't get back up
  • added a little roof thing so people can jump from blu spawn on stage 1 to the building
  • On stage 1 added a path for the right side to get up with
  • Removed the long hallway on stage 1's spawn area to better separate the areas
  • Made the medium healthpack small, to better delay attackers
  • simplified the geometry for red team on the spawn area
  • On stage 2 I sealed off the higher exit (looking into removing the brush completely and making the area super open, but testing will be needed so far
  • Blocked off the path from inside the cylinder
These changes should hopefully make the defenders have an easier time, and make the layout easier to navigate.

The map is nearing the BETA phase, or enough for me to want to put it there (as a majority of the layout i'm happy to set in stone, if anyone has any major feedback I'd love to get it sooner than later to know wheather to delay it or not.


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  • Added a health pack on the path from under the bridge
  • Closed up the building at the first spawn
  • Closed up the building below the forward spawn
  • Closed the building at the first control point, dissallowing snipers to easily move to the farthest back spot
  • Redid the circular area prior to the second control point, each path should differ heavily and provide a unique advantage based on how far forward you are and your path
  • Culled a lot of sightlines to only allow an advantage if you can not view other paths
  • Created a room in place of the defensive perch at stage 1
  • Redesigned the Second Control point, and also the spawn, it should compliment the prior area and make each a path viable option
  • Cleaned the bridge on stage1 to be easier to navigate
  • Cleaned the building adjacent to the bridge to provide a definitive advantage for defenders
  • Removed accessibility from bridge to building
These updates will be interesting, I feel as though they're going to fix major level-design issues but may not tip the balance in the favor needed. Hopefully the tests can give an impression on it.
  • A6 Update!
    • Changed respawn times, first stage is Red 5 secds, Blue 2 Secs, second stage is red 8 secs, blue 3 secs. The objective is to make kills against defending teams feel more worthwhile for attackers especially in the second stage, however the first stage aims to ensure whilst red lasts longer, they're not at too much a detriment due to travel time
    • Decreased Setup Time to 75 seconds, to just help with boredom
    • Made spawnroom bigger for blu first stage, added a new route to top, this gives the room a bit more character as well as spreads players wanting to get to the top around than just the one stair set
    • Also removed the surf-stairs and added proper ones
    • Added a flank route on last around the circular area, This is the largest change and aims to add a strategic element to attacking the circular area as defenders now may consider defending the exit/entrance of this path, whilst attackers may seek to utilise this path for a surprise close-quarters attack. Furthermore the path better suits classes that usually play isolated flanks.
    • Added cover on opening, as well as rooms that are the same thing, this is to improve complaints that there felt no desire to defend as it was so open
    • Opened up stage 1's CP a tad, a window should allow attackers a new method of shooting onto the point
    • Added health in the circular area, to better equip attackers in their push
    • Moved stage 1 Control point to give less coverage of defenders, as the point felt already powerful against defenders despite the height advantage, this should give more space against defenders to better react to attackers
    The major objective of this update is not to reiterate the goals or general layout of areas, but instead improve upon the layouts to better achieve these goals (which right now is focusing on making the map more balanced across roles).
  • Completely redone spawn-area, spawnroom, first control point, and first control point and second connector
  • Bottom of bridge is now 256 units
  • Completely redid hallway next to bridge, making the entrences and exits better suited to the map's changes and the middle part a horizontal claustrophobic tug-o-war
  • Added a rooftop part to walk on next to hallway
  • Moved health and ammo around to better suit the large changes
  • Completely redid the First CP and second Spawnroom, it should be a lot easier to defend
  • Completely redid the connector to the two spawn areas, its no longer a boxy filler, but a circular fight for height
  • Minor changes to second control point to adjust for the new connector, but should be untouched
So, its a pretty huge update that should solve problems regarding the map's balance and especially being stale. I find it much more interesting now.