Dame A9

Set on the bridges of this beautiful city, the mercs aim to siege despite the unforgiving design

  1. Simplification Update

    A9 Update, I wanna name it the simplification update, but in a way I dunno how accurate it is.

    • Redid the bridge to be so much more simple as it was a major complaint
    • Made the ground below the bridge higher up
    • Added cover on the control point, this should encourage the far bridge to allow players to kinda sneak around and attack from a different angle
    • To compensate, i've re-opened the path behind the control point but made it a drop off, players can't get back up
    • added...
  2. Perspective:Advantage Update

    • Added a health pack on the path from under the bridge
    • Closed up the building at the first spawn
    • Closed up the building below the forward spawn
    • Closed the building at the first control point, dissallowing snipers to easily move to the farthest back spot
    • Redid the circular area prior to the second control point, each path should differ heavily and provide a unique advantage based on how far forward you are and your path
    • Culled a lot of sightlines to only allow an...
  3. A6 Balancing changes

    • A6 Update!
      • Changed respawn times, first stage is Red 5 secds, Blue 2 Secs, second stage is red 8 secs, blue 3 secs. The objective is to make kills against defending teams feel more worthwhile for attackers especially in the second stage, however the first stage aims to ensure whilst red lasts longer, they're not at too much a detriment due to travel time
      • Decreased Setup Time to 75 seconds, to just help with boredom
      • Made spawnroom bigger for blu first stage, added...
  4. Complete overhaul of the worst areas

    • Completely redone spawn-area, spawnroom, first control point, and first control point and second connector
    • Bottom of bridge is now 256 units
    • Completely redid hallway next to bridge, making the entrences and exits better suited to the map's changes and the middle part a horizontal claustrophobic tug-o-war
    • Added a rooftop part to walk on next to hallway
    • Moved health and ammo around to better suit the large changes
    • Completely redid the First CP and second Spawnroom,...