Dame A9

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Dame A9

Set on the bridges of this beautiful city, the mercs aim to siege despite the unforgiving design

This is a small 2CP a/d map that focuses on bridges and height variation for its gameplay. It will hopefully utilize new assets as well with a unique theme (Pictures are probably outdated as this map has seen numerous remakes)
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Simplification Update

    A9 Update, I wanna name it the simplification update, but in a way I dunno how accurate it is. Redid the bridge to be so much more simple as it was a major complaint Made the ground below the bridge higher up Added cover on the control point...
  2. Perspective:Advantage Update

    Added a health pack on the path from under the bridge Closed up the building at the first spawn Closed up the building below the forward spawn Closed the building at the first control point, dissallowing snipers to easily move to the farthest...
  3. A6 Balancing changes

    A6 Update! Changed respawn times, first stage is Red 5 secds, Blue 2 Secs, second stage is red 8 secs, blue 3 secs. The objective is to make kills against defending teams feel more worthwhile for attackers especially in the second stage, however...