Cyberia A10

Welcome to the Cyborg Russia

  1. Alpha 10

    Honestly, I forgot to update the TF2 forums, here are the changes from what I remember

    Map Changes:
    -Detailed the forward upgrade station room
    -Clipping and nav improvements
    -Jump pads are less finicky
    -Added a path to the right bomb path so defenders can access it easily

    Mission Changes:
    -Tweaks to max actives

    -New expert mission made by me

    -Decommissioned by its mission maker, YOOVY. I will pick it back up once Frozen Freaks is perfected
  2. A9C

    Alpha 9 C

    Map Changes:
    -Qaulity of life improvements such as no longer needing to jump on the jump-pads, you can now just walk onto them!

    Wrote mission changes on the fly, didn't write em' down, sorry :(
  3. The Cleaning Update (Alpha 9)



    Map Changes:
    -The map is no longer surrounded by one hollowed out skybox, the map now features a proper skybox and proper optimization
    -Smoothed out the cylinder building
    -Jumpad overlays now facing the right way
    -Boosted the power on a few jumpads
    -The pinetree in playable space is removed for better visibility
    -Removed "The Not-Really a Tank Spawn" due to it being misleading, and overpowered
    -Made flank spawn more obvious it was a flank spawn
    -Nerfed sniper sightlines and sniper...
  4. Minor popfile fixes


    Removed shield medics in W1
    Scaled down The Cow so he wouldn't get stuck in some areas
  5. Alpha 8


    Map Changes:
    Moved Hutspawn to a different location
    Added an extra platform in the starting area for more engie spots
    Made the jumpads more obvious they were jumpads

    Mission Changes:
    SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of spies and how fast they can respawn
    Slowed down how fast engie bots can spawn
    All shield medics (except for W6) are taken off support and put into the main wave
    Reduced the amount of medics in the waves
    Giant Demo now spawns with Scouts and Heavies in W1
    Multiple Giant...
  6. Hotfix Update

    Map Changes
    -Lighting in the factory has been redone from the ground up, replacing the placeholder lighting

    Mission Changes
    -Fixed the Krits Medic appearing as a giant, even though it functions as a normal robot
    -Slightly adjusted WaveRespawnTimes and MaxActive times
    -Slightly lowered the number of robots on some waves
  7. Alpha 7

    Map Changes:
    -Extended the bomb zone hatch to lose the claustrophobic feel
    -Removed crates on the bomb hatch
    -Added a second red spawn, where the grinder used to be
    -Removed grinder
    -Made the platform at the death pit retract upwards, creating a barrier. This happens every 10 robots. The platform goes back to normal at the start of the next wave
    -Added a 3rd and 4th exit for bots to enter the area.
    -The path can now split from the main entrance/main hall, and the forward upgrade room...
  8. Fixed Download

    Fixed Download