ctf_corridors a4

A gimmick CTF map

  1. The gimmick update

    It's me sized!
    Okay, so even after scaling the map down, I was still told it was huge. So I thought "What if I use the map's size to it's advantage? So now, the flag and capture point are separated, and you capture a teams flag in that team's base. The flag starts on one side of the base, and you need to get it to the other side, the capture point being much closer to the enemy team's spawn. This gives two places to offend, and two places to defend. Hopefully making this map a more interesting experience.
  2. Map overhaul

    It's me sized!
    Pretty much an overhaul of the map
    I changed the sizes of rooms, I added a second floor and basement, I added new rooms, a new vent entrance, and more!


    1. 2015-08-30_00013.jpg
    2. 2015-08-30_00010.jpg
    3. 2015-08-30_00011.jpg
  3. a2

    It's me sized!
    I have made some minor changes to the map. I lowered the fences, and made the intel not get stuck in the death pit.