ctf_blockade _a5

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ctf_blockade _a5

Small one way CTF map.

This is my first map outside the normal gamemode spectrum, it's a small single sided ctf map where the blue team attacks red base to steal the intel and bring it back to their own. It currently has no theme, and anything is subject to change. If you have any suggestions for improvement please feel free to tell me as I'd like to make this map better.
Gabe Noodle from Volvo
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 5 - bug fixes

    The last update caused a few bugs, they're mostly all fixed now.
  2. Alpha 4 - major layout changes

    -Major layout changes -game function changes(thanks to donut the viking chap for letting me borrow his prefab) -fixed stairs not having collisions -fixed poorly lit parts of map
  3. Alpha 3

    Things Added: -Weapons factory(red) and comm station(blue) themes -A bit of detail -Added directions for player -Added a theme (comm station for blue, weapon factory for red) Fixes: -small layout changes -fixed lighting bug