Atrophy b4

by MangyCarface

  1. MangyCarface
    CTF Atrophy takes the best parts of the CP map Atrophy and mirrors them to create a unique and fast CTF layout.

    It uses a linear rolling ctf mechanic, like in ctf_backpier, to prevent stalemates and keep games tight; as each round progresses, the intel briefcases will roll forward until they reach the middle. If the flag is taken, the cart will stop until it's returned; if it's captured the carts will roll back to the beginning of their track and creep forward once more. The flags cannot be captured unless the capturer's team's flag is resting on the cart.

    The theme is of two ancient temples being renovated by BLU and RED; you'll find spytech scattered throughout the ruins and corridors. Enjoy!

    Thanks to:
    2f2f and F_M for playtesting etc...
    ABS for prefabs, ent gallery and all
    "FernFerret" for his capture zone signs
    the Swamp team for used materials
    Acegikmo for help, env gallery, and custom materials
    Flame for playtesting, suggestions


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    2. ctf_atrophy_b20001.jpg
    3. ctf_atrophy_b20002.jpg
    4. ctf_atrophy_b20003.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. tyler
    Version: b4
    The intel moves, so it's not easy to camp, promoting more offensive gameplay. But your flag needs to be at home to capture! Another fun twist on CTF from Mangy, and of course he was the first to do the hybrid swamp/egypt theme, too.