Crossroads B5

By Jonah

  1. jpr

    Cp_crossroads is a small and fast paced 5cp map by meeeeeeee oh yes

    Near Thunder Mountain, there have been several UFO sightings, at Lumberyard, Sawmill, Gorge... But most of all, a shipping area nicknamed "The Crossroads". Both BLU and RED have set up their own stations to research this odd phenomenon... The plan is to shoot the flying saucer down for further investigation, and there's no way either of them is letting the other team do it first. Thus, they're now both trying to take control of the other team's base, and the giant laser on top of it...

    Rock texture by Void, also thanks to Rexy for fixing the bumpmap
    ICS ( helped a lot with the optimization
    Everything else (not including official stuff of course) by Jonah (that's me)


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