Snowdrift b4a

By Jonah

  1. jpr

    CTF_Snowdrift, an attack/defend ctf map, contest entry for the third annual mapping contest.

    Blue team wins by delivering their briefcase to all of the Control Points before the time runs out. Red team wins by preventing the Blue team from delivering their briefcase.

    Other Notes:
    Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked.
    Map by Joona "Jonah" Pääkkönen (
    Custom snow and skybox materials by Joona "Jonah" Pääkkönen
    Capture point doors by Alex "Rexy" Kreeger (
    Intelligence pedestal by Mark "Shmitz" Major (

    Special thanks to all the testers


    1. ctf_snowdrift_b20004.jpg
    2. ctf_snowdrift_b20002.jpg
    3. ctf_snowdrift_b20008.jpg
    4. ctf_snowdrift_b20009.jpg
    5. ctf_snowdrift_b20011.jpg