Cringefish (Working Title) A5A

3CP Action!

  1. Misc QOL stuff

    - Flipped around the entire map
    - Made the second to third connector an indoor section
    - Redid blue forward spawn
    - Adjusted respawn wave times
    - Increased second point capture rate
  2. Yet another point rework

    - Changed all the routes around second
    - Redid first point completely
    - Added ramp to last point courtyard
    - Moved second exit on red last spawn
    - Detailed some stuff
  3. Second rework 2: Electric bogaloo

    - Completely redid second... again
    - Decreased blue spawn time after first has capped
    - Turned connector at the top of third from a room into a corridor
    - Added some textures
  4. Last s t r e c h

    - Streched out last point a bit
    - Added fancy windows to red first spawn
  5. Changes so big you might as well rerelease the map

    - Completely redid first point
    - Added last point
    - Completely reworked the connectors between points
    - Removed direct access to the right side flank on second
    - Added blue forward spawn
    - Adjusted capture times
    - Adjusted respawn wave times
  6. Some pre-playtest fixes

    - Removed dumb sniper window at the far side flank
    - Fixed some dumb bugs
    - Added even more signs
    - Added b o x e s into the badwater room
  7. The "hopefully not shit second point" update

    - Completely redid second point
    - Turned right side slope into a balcony and flipped the entrance
    - Removed tunnel between first and second point
    - Added some signs
    - Increased setup time by 20s to make up for the longer walk to the first point
    - Increased time gain on cap by 3 minutes (5mins/cap -> 8mins/cap)
    - Pushed back red last spawn
    - Moved forward spawn visualizers on blue spawn