Crag (event) event_d


  1. Leminnes
    Making of this map condensed to the length of the awesome part of Genesis by Justice.

    Created for the 72 Hour Contest between 6-27 and 6-30-2011. Was tested halfway but the elevator in the map crashed the server. So technically, it never got tested until it entered the contest. Surprisingly, it plays okay from the one 20 minute test I've had of it.

    One stage, three point payload map. No real story or anything. Just Blu trying to blow up a bomb by Red's base for whatever bizarre reason they have. I think the cliff thing at the end can be classified as a crag. If not. whatever. I'll add one whenever. I like the name. [​IMG]

    HALLOWEEN EDIT: Map has been Halloweenified for the Night of the Living Update.

    To Do:

    Re-add the elevator.


    Booj, of course, for his Mappers Resource Pack. And for the help with the forthcoming elevator.
    TF2M for this super fun contest. I surprised myself.
    My friend EP for encouraging me along the way, especially through the all nighter.


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Recent Updates

  1. Have updated to event_c (still kinda _rc)