Crag Skybox [Sunset] 2015-10-13

A late twilight, evening skybox for all your spooktacular needs!

  1. Leminnes



    Download and put in
    tf/materials/skybox/[skybox texture files]

    and Skybox Texture Name in the map properties to:


    Made this years ago for... I think I made it for cp_rum first *shutters*. It is now used in pl_crag_event (the Halloween version of Crag.) Now, after years and thousands (more like 2) requests, here it is for all to use freely! Just please give me credit and let me know if you use it! I'd also prefer to be asked first if you want to edit it in any way. Thanks guys! :)

    Here's some suggested settings for the environment entities:


    Brightness HEX is: 85 77 66 200
    Ambient HEX is: 114 142 158 70



    Shadow Color HEX is: 164 164 191



    Primary Fog Color HEX is: 43 43 64
    Secondary Fog Color HEX is: 255 255 255

Recent Reviews

  1. JargonJC
    Version: 2015-10-13
    Great night-skybox. Now if only I could find or request a stormy variant (y'know, with rainclouds)