Cp_Vanguard rc5

An original competitive 5cp designed around the construction theme

  1. rc5 (post Tough Break)

    -added new path into last point
    -added new geometry on middle point
    -rearranged spawn points on final spawn
    -fixed issue with forward spawn door
  2. rc4

    -does not include recent mid changes
    -final spawn made closer to last
  3. post season changes

    -new structure on mid
    -new vent route on last
    -redesigned scaffolding exit on last lobby
    -spam protection added to last lobby
    -receded final spawn
    -larger final capture zone
  4. imbalance fix

    -fixed capture zone imbalance on last point
    -tweaked capture time on middle capture point
  5. various tweaks

    -nerfed sentry spot on last
    -nerfed sticky traps
    -bigger last capture zone