cp_pagoda A7

A simple 5cp map (that probably sucks)

  1. Pagoda is no longer in Beta (But It's Updated, so...) A7

    (Note: It's A7 because A5 was B1 without the new textures [never released] and B1 was basically A6 because I didn't know how going into beta worked)


    -Finally fixed the skybox being an HL2 skybox and not Hydro's (Thanks Pocket!)

    -Built an extension over the large choke between mid and second, not only to make it chokier, but also to block a nasty sightline between second and mid.
    -In the same extension is a new route to last's transition that contains a few...
  2. Pagoda is now in Beta!

    Pagoda is now in beta! I've kinda decided to abandon the suijin / kong king theme and go with something simpler.

    Most of this update was a texture overhaul with a few tweaks thwon in, so I'm not gonna bother with a changelog this time. INSTEAD, have some screens (that now replace the old ones from the pain page)!:

    20160416131711_1.jpg 20160416131719_1.jpg 20160416131729_1.jpg 20160416131738_1.jpg 20160416131745_1.jpg 20160416131808_1.jpg
  3. Reworked 2nd/4th; Fixed Some Stuff

    Very few changes (except for second/fourth, which its changes only warrant a screen), so I'm just gonna list all of them at once;

    -Reworked second/fourth (see screens)
    -Fixed first forward spawns not having respawn trigger volumes
    -The medium health near the medium ammo on the first floor of the transition to last is now a full health (because of a sightline to it)
    -Fixed forward spawns not having one-way textures on the outside
    -Removed the collisionless lamp props
    -Simplified a few areas...
  4. Pagoda Got Some Shiz Fixed


    -Added and changed some signs throughout to better direct the flow of gameplay
    -Lowered the giant-ass walls so that the map could generally be brighter

    -Removed the resupply lockers from the forward spawns and made the doors one-way
    -Removed doorway to last to prevent confusion
    -Upgraded the medium ammo kit underneath the mid point to a full ammo kit, to help engineers compensate for the loss of the resupply locker's metal for teleporters
    -Fixed Blu's forward spawn...
  5. Monumental update!

    This update is so massive that there won't be a changelog. Second/Fourth had several changes made, and last got a 100% overhaul, while mid is pretty much the same as it was before (save for a few new doors to the points).

    I'll let these screens do the talking for me:
    20160410103405_1.jpg Mid

    20160410103424_1.jpg Second

    20160410103441_1.jpg (Lower) Transition to Last

    20160410103508_1.jpg Last itself

    20160410103539_1.jpg (Upper) Transition to Last...