cp_miningco B4_fix

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cp_miningco B4_fix

A 5cp map with a *mixed* theme

I'm mainly focusing about the gameplay and i've taken some inspiration from gullywash when making this map, The overall theme of the map is a mix between industrial, construction and mining. I'd love feedback and suggestions for it's visuals, gameplay is also good.

Custom content used:

The construction pack

Rexy's forklift and chemical containers

A blimp from the Emporium Vehicle pack
First release
Last update
Capture Points

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed triggered areaportals :^(

  2. Beta 4 update

    An update of stuff i should've done in the beta 3 version. Overall - A bunch of detailing - Improved optimization, alittle bit - More clipping - Adjusted the cap times - *fixed the shutter doors
  3. Beta 3 update

    Overall changes - Alot of optimization - Made it easier to tell which doors open and which don't - Made the outside lighting a bit more warmer - Added a 3dskybox - Changed the ground texture of the outside area - Added a bunch more clipping for...