cp_mcmurdo a3

A non A/D 2cp map

  1. cp_mcmurdo

    a3, 3cp! (3-ception!?)

    Changes include
    -changed to 3cp
    -added some things to make bases look a tad nicer
    -changed some things
    -thought of stuff
    -now have a good idea of what I want to do for a4

    Things I am going to want to do for a4:
    -update screenshots
    -change upper mid floor (whaaaaa)
    -spectator cameras, cant believe i forgot
    -fully implement the new gamemode
    -think of a title
    -more stuff
    -more things to think of
  2. cp_mcmurdo

    a2a: Hey! there has already been an a2!

    -Fiddled with lighting, now darker to fit the theme of abandoned research facility recently inhabited by RED and BLU
    -Fixed invisible stairs
    -Thought of title for a2a
    -More (maybe)
  3. cp_mcmurdo

    Update a2: Electric Boogaloo

    Changes include:

    -Clipped some stairs i missed
    -got told to clip using blockbullets (so i did)
    -added railings
    -changes op attacking balcony to neutral balcony (equally accessable by either team)
    -fiddled with pickups
    -added sneaky trick jump to get to neutral balcony
    -added window in cylinder room over cap room
    -changed room off point to go up to attacking balcony
    -added sign on big crate stack so demomen can charge up it
    -moved connector crate stack under...
  4. cp_mcmurdo

    Welcome to......... A1!!! (The playable version)

    Changes are:
    -Created the gamemode
    -clipped stairs
    -other stuff maybe
  5. cp_mcmurdo

    Updated to Pre3
    Changes include:
    Added signs (yay!)
    Added lighting (yay!)
    reduced pickups (yay?)
    Other stuff probably (yay?)

    Some screenies:
    cp_mcmurdo_pre30000.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30001.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30002.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30003.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30005.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30006.jpg cp_mcmurdo_pre30007.jpg
  6. cp_mcmurdo

    -remade room off last (still needs a bit of work)
    -removed a couple supply crates on last
    -changed the textures on the pillars on last
    -moved red resupply locker to match blu's
    -made side door bigger
    -obstructed a big sightline
    -made mid roof slightly higher (no longer need to jump)
    -lowered cylinders
    -added steps to mid outside pickups
    -possibly others

    Things to fix:
    -top mid hp and ammo are below the floor (may just remove them anyways)
    -add lighting
    -have less pickups