DynCP Cp_Intrusion a6

Attack / Defence map for the CP Dynamic Contest. #James Bond Approved

  1. Its the final version! (for the contest)

    Change log will come soon, but this is mostly lighting fixes and a spawn change from a5.
  2. The big one boys!

    Ohh my god so much stuff to log...
    Just know that some layout changes were made and the artpass is 90% complete...
    Ill edit this later
  3. A4 - Fix

    - Built more cubemaps
    - Fixed lighting in areas
    - Fixed a visible nodraw
  4. Its finally here! A4

    This is the largest update for this map since its release!
    Change log will be big
    Overall Map:
    - Added area portals
    - Built a few more cubemaps
    - Detailed outside area, and added festive lights to the inside of A spawn
    - Added a warning for the B cap event upon capping A
    - Detailed inside of A
    - Added a forward spawn for BLU upon capping A
    - Moved various HP/AMMO packs around
    - Added a MAJOR new connector for A > B
    - Added a MAJOR new connector for A > B
    - Detailed A > B connector
  5. A3 - The Update no one wanted, but everyone gets!

    Yes that evil map with the rediculous death pit and lack of forward spawn is back!
    - Cleaned up areas on A
    - Detailed areas more likely to stay in the layout (partially as to represent what they will be in full detail)
    - Fixed the doors, Both by reds spawn door that leads into the boulder ally on C, and the spawn door on A (BLU's initial spawn) that was refusing to open.
    - Added Forward Spawn for BLU upon capping A (Location EXTREME subject to change, were experimenting)
  6. A2 - The Big One

    - Detailing and major overhaul for changes on the inside of A
    - Trap door is now functional, it is a slow-ish door that has a full HP pack on it. (risk/reward situation)
    - Sightline Un-Nerf'd (to an extent)
    - Added a new flank option on capping B in the area that the boulder opens
    - Covered up the death pit, BUT it does get opened by the boulder and is still in affect after B is capped.
    - Split the 1 giant board the boulder smashes into 4 smaller ones so you can better see the...
  7. A1 - Gameday Fixes

    Too minor changes to make A2
    - minor sightlines nerfed
    - removed trap door trigger & replaced func_door with normal brush until I can fix it
    - Slightly increased time for cap event on B
  8. A1 - Download

    This is the update that allows me to add the download of the bsp file.
  9. A1

    The LEAST hyped update from this map has FINALLY arrived!
    - Connected A + B + C
    - Increased Cap Times
    - Minor Detailing
    - Major layout changes and many flank routes added
    - Sightlines nerfed
    - Healthpacks and ammo packs added (Will need feedback on placement and tips on how to improve placement)
  10. PreA1_2

    - Cap A has been made on my computer with the logic for the map,
    - Cap C has been made and has the lighting for the map, so A will be fullbright until they are connected on a single file.
    - Cap B is still in planning, and will be made today or tommorow.

    Expect A1 to be released with LOTS of horrible sniper sightlines, and clipping issues soon.