cp_highpoint b4

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some leaking stuff fixed
-broken up long hallways
Screenshot (105).png

-added doors
-changed timing on A flank door
-improved FPS when point is capped
-added more open to skybox areas
Screenshot (107).png

-fixed skybox
-fixed saw hallway
-fixed A point spawn
-tweaked lighting
Highpoint is back! Now with some much needed gameplay changes to make the map ready for core layout feedback.

-tweaked the blue spawn towers phybox settings and timing
-added dev blogs
-forward spawns! (yay) still need tweaking thoughScreenshot (92).png
-added a little treat for the A point tower
-redone all of the lighting (awaiting your opinion)
-added more cover for blue when pushing up to A point
-made a new strong forward hold point on B point for red
Screenshot (98).png
-nerfed the B point flanks (I had fun with this one)Screenshot (93).png
-improved the Uncle Dane experience
-slight changes to the tower at A
Screenshot (91).png
-fixed C with a new placement of the point (stopped spawn camping)Screenshot (96).png
-fixed the low effort ramps with real stairs
-done a lot of clipping
-fixed respawn wave time
- fixed setup timer

Hope you all enjoy

happy spooky day!
Screenshot (11).png
- added better lighting
- changelog improved
- added more props
- more cover
- more spawns
- fixed pickups
- and just being way better
-added a little surprise to keep things interesting.
-fixed lighting by changing from 70% reflectivity to 50
-added new "high tower" style cover at blue spawn
-added more cover when pushing first
-added a new rotate for scouts to get on to first
-added better ways for blue to push upper levels of first
-fixed minor bugs with spawn doors like z fighting along with doors not aligning
-fixed many floating props
-tweaked pickups
-added changelog