cp_highpoint b4

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cp_highpoint b4

high tower style cp map

This map started as a orphan map that was 5cp. It was a lot like gorge, so I "ungorged" it and cut it in half.

I made it like High Tower with its tall tiered points and tower in blue spawn.
the devious potato
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

Latest updates

  1. misc performance update

    some leaking stuff fixed
  2. performance and reanalysis update

    -broken up long hallways -added doors -changed timing on A flank door -improved FPS when point is capped -added more open to skybox areas -fixed skybox -fixed saw hallway -fixed A point spawn -tweaked lighting
  3. game play overhaul

    Highpoint is back! Now with some much needed gameplay changes to make the map ready for core layout feedback. -tweaked the blue spawn towers phybox settings and timing -added dev blogs -forward spawns! (yay) still need tweaking though -added a...