cp_daytrip Currently version rc4

Based in a quaint neighbourhood on the outskirts of a city within Japan.

  1. Updating for the TFTV Map Cup.

    Map name is now cp_daytrip_rc4 to reflect version (finally).


    - Widened the small room on the outside of RED dojo.
    - Moved dump truck and added some crate cargo to block a deep line of sight into the bathhouse from RED dojo.
    - Increased the height of the ceiling inside of the main bathhouse room.
    - Widened the doorway into the restaurant alley from the bathhouse.
    - Clipped off a lot more of the map to prevent getting onto certain areas.
    - Removed props next to point 'A' that stickies could be hid in.
    - Made the decorative beam model that juts out from roof awnings to be non-solid to prevent getting caught when jumping around.
    - You can no longer shoot into the bathhouse changing room through the windows.
    - Removed a bench at the bus-stop near BLU second spawn to help with mobility.
    - Added some fence models to the top of some buildings near 'A' to help show that you can not get onto them.
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