Medieval cp_blossom A2A

A small, simple 3cp medieval map

  1. cookiesurvival
    Hello, the Great and Powerful Cookie here. I have decided to stop working on cp_cenote to try working on a simpler, medieval map. Due to the fact that I have decisions to worry about and drowning of sadness and loneliness, working on this was harder then it should be.

    Current Statue:
    Currently, I'm losing my mind. I mean on the map of course. Every time I make one, there is junk everywhere that I must edit, change, remove, or add. So its very easy to get lost for me. Though I still hope I can make a map worth while. Even though its still in the alpha stage, which is guaranteed to be shit.

    Checklist: (Things that I know I need to do)
    1. Do Personal stuff still.
    2. Fix all errors people gave me.
    3. Make a "To do list" on my mapping process.
    4. Worry about the Beta phase, which will happen eventually.

Recent Updates

  1. Mini-Update
  2. Blossom's Redesign