CP Riverside B6

Cp Riverside is a work in progress 5cp map with an alpine theme.

  1. CP Riverside B6


    A medium healthpack leading from mid to second has been changed to a small

    Wall added near last's point to give attackers a little extra time to cap

    Last has been reworked to provid different height and such

    Moved a supply cabinet around in the last spawn
  2. CP Riverside B5A

    Fixes to spawntimes.
  3. CP Riverside B5


    Changed the texture on the chicken wire to make it more visible

    Moved the dropdown in the building leading from second to mid back

    Second's capzone height was decreased so it cannot be contested on the cover

    Clipping fixes

    Mid's spawnrooms have had their door sizes increased

    The ramp leading to mid has had another ramp added to it

    Moved the last point on each side forward another 64hu to give attackers a little more chance to cap

    Spawntimes adjusted again

    Some patches for...
  4. CP Riverside B4

    After a few weeks, I am back once again! This time with some more drastic changes.


    Fixed some clipping issues

    Made second a bit larger

    On second, the building overlooking second (the one with the pile of wood) was reduced in height to remove fall damage

    Removed a medium and small healthpack from second

    Changed respawn times again

    Moved some health and ammo around in places so they are seen by both teams when attacking or defending

    The railings were all made nonsolid

  5. CP Riverside B3A

    Lighting changes.
  6. CP Riverside B3

    Moar updates!


    Another pass of artwork has been done

    Added a new route leading from the building overlooking mid (The dead end one with windows that are blocked off) leading to the wide route nearest to it. This should make it easier to kill the snipers and such on the bridge overlooking second (I'm looking at you Roll!)

    Added a medium health pack under mid's bridge

    Fixed the issue where sentries were shooting through stairs

    Removed the bigger barriers on mid's bridge to...
  7. CP Riverside B2

    Here I am, with another update!


    Updates to detailing, out of bounds, skybox such and such.

    Lighting changes

    Spawn time changes adjusted slightly

    Some clipping stuff was reworked

    Textures fixes

    Other small changes, enjoy!
  8. CP Riverside B1

    Well I did it, finally moved to B1!


    Well it's actually pretty now, basic detail includes roofs, textures, clipping, all that jazz

    Spawntimes adjusted again (requires testing)

    Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when running out from under mid

    Removed a small health on second

    Small changes here and there


    20170703164206_1.jpg 20170703164121_1.jpg 20170703164255_1.jpg 20170703164145_1.jpg 20170703164230_1.jpg ...
  9. CP Riverside A9

    Back with a new version, here's a changelog!

    Changed the building overlooking second to be smaller and so you can't shoot out of this. This'll be good for spies and ninja engies or if you need to cool off for a moment and plan

    The building on the flank route going from second to mid had the building removed and a platform added to add height and make it a little less boring

    Mid's bridge has been reduced in size a little so it's less cramped and the point size was decreased in size

  10. CP Riverside A8

    Hey I'm back with some updates.


    Mid's shape has been changed to be less boring

    Removed some ammo in the building leading from mid to second

    Glass texture has been changed

    Sightlines worked on

    Other small changes.