Corrode RC2

Made by Leminnes

  1. Updated to RC2!

    Moved CP A farther into the building
    Reduced the amount of time added to the timer when capturing CP A & CP B
    Increased the amount of time added to the timer when capturing CP C
    Added a bunch of signs
    Added some windows
    Increased respawn times on Red after CP C is captured
    Reduced respawn times on Blu after CP C is captured
    Lightly detailed a few barren rooms
    Soundscapes work now
    A whole bunch of bug fixes

    Need to be fixed still:
    Have no idea why the water is still ghosting in...
  2. More tiny fixes and tweaks

    Changed the respawn wave times after CP2 is capped. Made wave times for Red shorter and Blue longer. They stay that way until the end of the map.

    Fixed some broken door triggers. Doors shouldn't trap people inside of them now (hopefully).

    Removed fan in the vent near CP1. Still need to jump into it, though.
  3. Bug fixes

    Fixed noclip floor in spawn
    Cart will no longer be moved forward by some mean spirited spirit.
  4. Bug fixes and everything is taller and more open!

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the plethora of feedback, it was incredibly useful!

    I fixed a bunch of bugs, hopefully all of them. There's only one bug I couldn't figure out, but it shouldn't be too big of a problem. The biggest one, the edicts, should be fixed, but I won't truly know until we try to play the map. I also clipped almost literally everything.

    The bigger part of this update is that I opened up a few places on the map that should help with the general flow and navigation of the...
  5. 5 years in the making, Corrode enters RC!


    Would you believe that Corrode has been in development over 5 years? I made the very first sketch of Corrode right before my 21st birthday. After making a handful of fairly terrible maps, I decided it was time to get serious and really make something ambitious.

    From the very beginning I intended to make a...