Corrode RC2

Made by Leminnes

  1. Goose 2
    Goose 2
    Version: RC2
    I enjoy the high-tech, semi-destroyed vibe the map gives off (ctf_2fort_invasion is a perfect example of what I mean) although, it does seem a tad bit bland around the outside areas. (I'm sure this is only temporary, as it is still a W.I.P.) Other than that, it is going along great!
  2. PortalStorm4000
    Version: RC2
  3. basilhs333
    Version: RC2
    very good i hope it gets on the game :D
  4. TheTankWarfarer-TPF-
    Version: RC2
    This map just looks awesome, and has a lot of detail. The effort put into it is obvious, and although it very clearly is still in development, it still is an amazing long single stage payload map, with incredible detail and mood. Amazing job mate!
  5. Frozen Irish Banana
    Frozen Irish Banana
    Version: rc1
    One of the best PL maps Ive seen for awhile. Wide open spaces, long track, and a couple of choke points that really add to the atmosphere. The idea of the Nuclear Reactor is also great. Hat's off to you sir.
  6. MaccyF
    Version: rc
    A nice long track; a good balance of wide open spaces and claustrophobic rooms; and fun, interesting game-play. The exquisite Black Mesa meets TF2 detailing makes Corrode not only fun to play, but also incredible to look at.