Cornkeep a9

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Added B cap time
Added door that closes after A
No idea why spawn keeps breaking
Red spawn remake
Red spawn exit is further from the A point
Changed Blue spawn
Not sure why red spawn is broken
Made it linear adcp with only two points
Previous point B was removed
Paths were removed to streamline it as a linear Attack/Defend
Some changes
gravelpit now
Moved B point closer to entrance
Easier access to highground next to B
Elevated blue spawn
Added instant respawn for red when C is unlocked.
Added a dropdown in A-B connector so that blue can choose to get out of it without going back to the other point.
Added more covers for red defending A
Lowered the A-B connector exit at A
Added medium health and ammo near C for blue
The gate at red spawn opens faster now
Extended setup time to 60 seconds
Adjusted respawnwavetimer
Extended cap time of cp3 from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
Added a door inside red spawn so that people dont just run to C