Conveyance Spring (fullthrottle)

Conveyance Spring (fullthrottle) RC3b

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Conveyance Spring (fullthrottle) RC3b

A bit of dam holding back a very shivering artificial lake


credit to crowbar's stripless metal materials and radarhead for the really cool custom logos

RC1 & RC1a released as entry to 2022 Spring Cleaning

i tried to make a map. called it full throttle. some people thought it was cool?
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Latest updates

  1. RC3a update

    Small changes and fixes, and the file is now the exact same as the workshop one
  2. RC3 and workshop

    changed fog and lighting, added rocks, pulled trees from 3d skybox, and more misc changes also, steam workshop, as if that mattered
  3. koth_conveyance_b3

    did you know skip brushes can be the reason why your map's portals are all weird and bloated and why vvis is taking so long? it's true! bzzt changed -shed dimensions -detailing -clipping