Consulate A8

King of the hill in a government building.

  1. Removed Death Pit, Fixed Clipping

    Digaag Wa Riz
    All the clipping in the map is smooth. The death pits from the out-of-the-way routes from spawn have been removed. I have also added a ramp near the mid-point to the balcony watching over the point to not make it such a journey to get up there.
  2. Sectioned Off Routes to Mid and Balcony, Clipped Stairs

    Digaag Wa Riz
    The farther spawn door leads to a totally redesigned route to mid (which includes a death pit. All the stairs in the map have been clipped. The respawn wave time has also been set to 6 seconds.


    1. koth_consulate_a70000.jpg
  3. Fixed Clipping Errors

    Digaag Wa Riz
    The skybox ceiling was too high in some areas so I lowered it.
  4. Major Layout Reconstruction

    Digaag Wa Riz
    I have removed one of the doorways from the spawn yard to the mid point. I added a lower path around the mid area to serve as a flank route. Generally longer sightlines.
  5. More Health Packs, Less Parkour Around The Point, Brighter Lighting

    Digaag Wa Riz
    There are more health packs scattered around the map. The amount of jumping required to get the point has been significantly reduced. Some areas that were barely being used have been removed. Improved lighting means it shouldn't be hard to distinguish teams or players in any part of the map.
  6. Space and Sunlight Angle

    Digaag Wa Riz
    I added some more fighting space around mid as well as widening the area next to the stairs that lead to behind the clock where the ammo pack is. I also changed the pitch of the light_environment from -85 to -40 and added a couple of more directional signs. koth_consulate_a30010.jpg
  7. Signs and Team Colors

    Digaag Wa Riz
    I added some signs directing players to the control points. I also widened a few areas and reduced some cover in the hallways near the control point. koth_consulate_a20008.jpg koth_consulate_a20009.jpg