Consulate A8

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Consulate A8

King of the hill in a government building.

This is my first koth map. My other larger-scale projects have been canned because I lost my sense of direction with the maps, so I decided to make a smaller, simpler map to gauge my skills as a mapper.

koth_consulate takes place in a government building and is inspired by the levels "Consulate" and "Station T" from the video game adaptation of From Russia With Love.
Digaag Wa Riz
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Removed Death Pit, Fixed Clipping

    All the clipping in the map is smooth. The death pits from the out-of-the-way routes from spawn have been removed. I have also added a ramp near the mid-point to the balcony watching over the point to not make it such a journey to get up there.
  2. Sectioned Off Routes to Mid and Balcony, Clipped Stairs

    The farther spawn door leads to a totally redesigned route to mid (which includes a death pit. All the stairs in the map have been clipped. The respawn wave time has also been set to 6 seconds.
  3. Fixed Clipping Errors

    The skybox ceiling was too high in some areas so I lowered it.