Concrete B4

Like tfc but with more frontline

  1. Tuaam
    CTF_concrete is a capture the flag map that uses the frontline pack and some custom assets.

    BLU has taken over the warehouse on the opposite side facing RED's factory, and is about to take control of the pipeline that's above the Military complex. Can you


    Both maps follow a TFC - Half Life inspired level design, utilizing much of the frontline pack as well as standard tf2 assets. Props like tanks, jeeps, mines, flags, and guns are used, but in conjunction with normal textures. To add to the Half Life theme, there are 2 asphalt roads that lie parallel of the complex, and are blocked off by metal doors.

    The surrounding terrain is a combination of cliffs, buildings, and pipelines that show the presence of a large facility. A large pipeline is situated in the middle of the map that makes it an important point of interest.

    When I first started building this map, it was around early July that I wanted to make something for the then - new frontline asset pack, which centered around military equipment used during the first and second world wars. The original versions of the map are very different in comparison, showing what looks to be a beach area with a small bunker in the middle, with the original forts staying the same until some minor changes.

    Around A6, because the map was getting mediocre ratings, I decided to re - design mid. Instead of using the beach as my main theme, I looked to Half Life 1 and TFC and used the US desert as the main backdrop for my map. With this in mind, I mostly changed the slope of Mid, made deviating paths that helped give the player a place to hide when assaulting one of the forts themselves. In the end, I scaled the map larger to help players move around easier, and made the map prettier in the beta releases.

    Since most of the layout is finished and is better than what it used to be, I focused on gimmicks more. With most maps being the same and released much like other maps, I decided to add some cool features since the framework is mostly done. I added an alarm system that triggered when the player took the intelligence / flag, and I added small detail tweaks that helped characterize the map. The map has alot to encounter, and I don't plan of leaving it yet.

    - 2 Concrete pillbox structures (Inspired by the 2fort forts from TFQW and TFC)

    -Use of Frontline Assets, like Textures, and models (Tanks and Sandbags).

    -Cool gimmicks

    -The map features an alarm system that enables whenever your flag is taken. It stops only when your flag is returned, captured, or dropped.

    -if problems persist with unpacked textures, then Install the Frontline pack here.



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  1. Anonymous
    Version: B2
    Plays well looks pretty, wouldn't be surprised if this was included in a possible future frontline update