Colorado A11

It's in Nevada

  1. Alpha 11

    • First

      • Reworked low ground route

      • Increased cover around Blu spawn

      • Adjusted Blu spawn exits

      • Replaced right side cliff wall with a fence

      • Adjusted pickups

      • Cleaned up displacement brushwork

    • Third

      • Adjusted lighting to make high ground route more visible to defenders

      • Expanded Blu forward spawn

    • Last

      • Removed roll-forward zone
  2. Alpha 10

    • Overhauled most of the map

      • Mirrored First

      • Rescaled and simplified Second

      • Redesigned Third

      • Redesigned Last
  3. Alpha 9

    • Changed low ground cover on First
    • Changed height and angle of cliff route into Second

    • Added a one-way door to balcony on Second

    • Changed upper route into Third

    • Adjusted some cover on Third
    • Began displacement pass
  4. Alpha 8

    • Changed routes into Second to make it easier to attack

    • Moved BLU second and third spawns back

    • Made BLU first spawn windows one-way

    • Changed some pickups on First and Last

    • Adjusted some cover on First
  5. Alpha 7

    • Took a year to reach A7 (happy birthday Colorado!)

    • Reworked routes between Second and Third

    • Made various changes to Second and Third to accommodate new routes

    • Replaced sentry cubby on Last with a raised platform

    • Adjusted location of RED first spawn and BLU second spawn

    • Fixed being able to shoot under truck on Third

    • Fixed unintended sightline on Last

    • Experimented with some textures and other details on Last
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  6. Alpha 6

    • Obligatory rework of first

    • Reworked choke and flanks on last

    • Moved BLU’s forward spawn further from third

    • Added a transparent grate to the balcony on second
  7. Alpha 5

    • Reworked much of first

    • Reduced distance between first and second

    • Changed some routes between first and second

    • Added some cover on third

    • Adjusted some walls on last

    • Fixed explosion death trigger remaining active indefinitely

    • Adjusted the size of a few areas

    • Adjusted various pickups

    • Increased setup time

    • Slightly decreased RED respawn time
  8. Alpha 4

    • Redesigned first (again)

    • Redesigned routes leading into second

    • Relocated defender’s first and second spawn

    • Added new route from attacker’s forward spawn to third

    • Changed some routes into third

    • Expanded interior space on third

    • Added a new flank on third

    • Replaced one of the dropdown routes on last with a ramp

    • Adjusted various pickups

    • Optimization
  9. Alpha 3

    • Completely redesigned first

    • Changed geometry on last to break up long empty spaces and increase variety of routes for attackers

    • Added more pickups for attackers on last

    • Adjusted route out of defender’s spawn on first/second

    • Reoriented defender’s spawn on third

    • Fixed players getting stuck in spawn doors
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  10. Alpha 2

    • Removed some unnecessary space on first

    • Added more cover for defenders on first
    • Reworked area between first and second
    • Reworked attacker routes into second
    • Changed geometry on last to limit the effectiveness of certain sniper positions

    • Adjusted pickups to be more accessible to defenders on third and last

    • Fixed players getting stuck in forward spawns if they spawned as a point was capped

    • Fixed various...
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