Colorado A11

It's in Nevada

  1. Alpha 2

    • Removed some unnecessary space on first

    • Added more cover for defenders on first
    • Reworked area between first and second
    • Reworked attacker routes into second
    • Changed geometry on last to limit the effectiveness of certain sniper positions

    • Adjusted pickups to be more accessible to defenders on third and last

    • Fixed players getting stuck in forward spawns if they spawned as a point was capped

    • Fixed various clipping issues

    • Added various doors and signs
    pl_colorado_a20000.jpg pl_colorado_a20002.jpg pl_colorado_a20001.jpg pl_colorado_a20003.jpg pl_colorado_a20004.jpg pl_colorado_a20005.jpg pl_colorado_a20006.jpg pl_colorado_a20007.jpg pl_colorado_a20009.jpg pl_colorado_a20008.jpg pl_colorado_a20010.jpg
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