Codex MC17 A4

I turned Pass Time into Hot Potato, what could go wrong?

  1. More quality of life

    Le Codex
    - Increased the round time to 4 minutes
    - Decreased the explosion diameter to 320 Hu
    - Made it so the ball doesn't return once the warning sound starts playing
  2. Timing tests

    Le Codex
    - Increased round timer to 3 minutes
    - Decreased bomb timer by 5 seconds on average

    This should make the end of timer win condition a last resort
  3. The thing you always think about after you post the update

    Le Codex
    - Repacked the map
  4. QoL

    Le Codex
    - Made the glow team dependent
    - Added more sounds, including a warning one when the bomb is about to explode
    - Added intro text
    - Changed the map
    - Fixed win detection
    - Added a 2-minute timer. When it ends, the team with the most player wins
    - Added prevention of use of taunting/Steak to not get the ball
  5. Better logic

    Le Codex
    Made the logic for detecting wins better
    Made the failsafe logic better
    Considering adding a warning sound before the ball explodes
  6. The usual

    Le Codex
    Forgot about the pit
    Forgot about repacking
  7. Quality of Life

    Le Codex
    Made the ball returning outside of reset silent
    Hopefully didn't break anything
  8. Complete rework

    Le Codex
    Made the jump pads affect the ball
    Disabled all damages except from fire and explosion
    Made the ball explode after a random amount of time
    Added a ticking sound
    Added glow
    Added immunity to the random player that gets picked after the ball resets
    Made it basically ARENA (last team alive wins)