Cloak Event

Medieval Cloak Event a3v5

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+added something spooky once you capture the point
+added temporary custom pinup textures (will replace with better ones later on)
+added detailing
+added Resupply Cabinets
Fixed issue where players would fall into magma in purgatory when they teleport in
+added some more detailing and fixed some minor gameplay bugs in Purgatory
+added a 30 second timer to the spellbooks
Fixed HUD issues with the spellbook
I honestly forgot what I changed:confused:
+added message for when teleport vortex appears
|minor visual fixes
+added soundscapes to Purgatory
+added sound to when the teleport vortex spawns
+added mouseholes
+added Purgatory
+added a death pit
+added some detailing

|cap time is now 20 seconds instead of 25 seconds
|increased round time limit to decrease the number of stalemates