Clarify rc3

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Regardless of the stakes on which I have played this map, I have consistently enjoyed this map a cut above a lot of the KOTH maps that other players deem 'the best.' Playing this was a very enjoyable experience. A lot of the map just has that spark of simple but effective creativity that I love about certain maps. The flow of the map is very well-crafted, as I knew where I was and where I could go at all times; Each of the routes made sure I *saw* where the Control Point is, which is very important.

Visually, while I admit the map is a bit lacking in those thing that will "pop out at you," the description literally says that wasn't the point of the map, and I'm inclined to agree that trying to shove something in here to grab your attention would hinder the map.

I really like that the Control Point area is nice and wide, allowing for more interesting fights as more chaos can happen ALL over the capture zone and not just in a tiny little spot like on, say, Viaduct or Highpass or something. I also like how this map is so... surprisingly balanced. I never felt like a single class was too overpowered, which is very refreshing! Every class felt like they had their place in the map.

Overall, I will happily give this map a 10/10. This was a very enjoyable experience and I would love to see this map played on servers for real!