Chiselled a14

5cp where both teams fight to obtain the other team's Saxton

  1. a14

    Fixed map name
    Added walls between second and mid to allow soldiers to high obmb
    Added fence to block extremely long sniper sightline
    Attempted to fix displacement ramp bug. I was not able to recreate the bug myself so I will have to assume that smoothing the ground fixed it
  2. a13

    Changed the platform near lobby between second and last.
    Blocked one door into the building next to second point.
    Removed two boxes at the mid
  3. a12

    Changed respawn timer
  4. a11

    Removed ramp from scaffold
    Moved the staircase connecting from lobby between second and last
    Moved the control point and the surrounding geometry of second points
    Moved last spawn for both teams away from the last control point
    removed part of roof near last spawn point
    Reduced the height of the last control point
    Removed small hole behind the cover at last point
  5. a10

    Adjusted spawn timer for both teams.
    Moved health pack near mid to slant.
    Removed small closed area near second point at marble.
  6. a9

    Added ramps on second floor of the house for easier access to the windows.
    Added wall on the upper right of the last-second lobby.
    Added Lamp there as well
    Added a ramp near lower at last point for attackers.
  7. a8

    Reverted some of the changes from a7
  8. a7

    Some changes as suggested by @lucrative's playtest and B4nny's stream
  9. a6b

    Improved Saxton Hale statue
    No gameplay changes.
  10. a6a

    Fixed displacement near second point