Chiselled a6b

5cp where both teams fight to obtain the other team's Saxton

  1. a6b

    Improved Saxton Hale statue
    No gameplay changes.
  2. a6a

    Fixed displacement near second point
  3. a6

    - Moved the second door at Corridor to another wall.
    - He is here. You will now spawn looking at his butt.
  4. a5

    Soldiers will now take less damage when rolling out from second to mid.
    Rollout is now more stable and soldiers will not get caught in random geometry.
    Added dropdown that connects the Z room with Cave. This should allow easier counter against enemy snipers in Cave.
    Added signs.
    Added nobuild on roofs.
    Clipped more areas that may cause edgebug.
  5. a4b

    Small update to fix being able to stand on wall between mid and second.
  6. a4

    Added conveyor belts at yard
    Improved performance
    Properly clipped small corners
  7. a3

    Increased ammo size in house to medium
    Reduced the size of the cave
    Increased the health in Yard to medium(area between second point and last)
    Increased the ammo in Yard to medium(area between second point and last)
    Fixed several clipping issues
    Added areaportal
  8. a2

    Based on the feedbacks @lucrative provided, this map has gone through several changes

    -Demos can no longer stickyjump from last to mid
    -Removed gates under the mid lobby
    -Reworked the sidearea of the mid
    -Second point has a small highground for attackers when pushing into the point house

    -Last point is now scaled up
    -Fixed a lot of areas where splash damages are negated

    -Added Callout


    1. callout.png