Cavethingy a6

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Cavethingy a6

2cp map in an alpine coal mine

A single stage attack / defend map with two points. A flank to B opens up after A is captured.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to version a6

    - Changes to A - Added windows to Blu spawn - Added more props / cover around spawn courtyard - Changes to B - Reworked side entrance from terminal room into cave - Added tunnel going under Red balcony leading up onto the balcony - Added one-way...
  2. Updated to a5

    - Increased cap time to 20 sec and 6 sec (from 5 sec and 3 sec) - Removed clip brushes on top of the bridge at A - Expanded the room between the train and the cave (now calling this the console room) - Added a raised platform extending out from...
  3. Updated to a4

    Remade blu spawn (now with 60% less sightlines) Changed cliff balcony near A into a tower with an upper area and a lower passageway Increased the width of the station room and added a staircase up to the new tower Increased the width of the room...