Caper B5

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New area by C spawn
Changed C area slightly, adjusted catwalks and cover
A roof/catwalk now jumping classes only
A spawn pushed back 256 units
Moved around/ adjusted pickup sizes
Bug fixes
Small detailing changes
Water Stairs
New env lighting
Adjusted size of most pickups
Enlarged some areas around A
Points take 8 seconds to capture
Sorry for the repost, hosting on TF2M to see if this fixes MechaEngineer
Rudimentary 3D sky and OOB
Bug Fixes
-Fixed spawns breaking (thank you emil!) -Punched a bunch of holes in Control Point A -Pushed spawnpoints inside of A further back -When B is the neutral point, the gate between A and B closes -Retextured some areas -New awnings! -3D skybox details
-New silo stairs
-New silo hole
-Map is now fully textured
-Point cap time increased from 6 to 7 seconds
-Default spawntime increase from 6 to 8 seconds
-Points no longer lock after capture
-Max roundtime set to 185 seconds
-Capping a control point adds 60 seconds of time
Extended Round Timer
More Voicelines
Most recently captured point is always locked
Changed water texture
Removed instant-respawn on point capture
Bug fixes
New Window