Canyon Pass

Canyon Pass A5

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Canyon Pass A5

A balanced Capture the Flag match in a Canyon.


Canyon Pass is a symmetric CTF map. It features a central meeting area, cliffs on both sides, an underground tunnel network, and two recessed bases on either side of the map. The whole map is inside a canyon, with a bridge spanning it.

(The bridge has some trucks blocking the way, which is what I like to think RED and BLU are fighting about)

Both bases are mirrored, and have a balcony, battlements, two exits from spawn, and 5 exits out of the base, including a tunnel.
The underground meets at the center, where players from above and players passing by can kill each other.

The map has cubemaps, is packed, and includes a functioning round timer.
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Latest updates

  1. Canyon Pass A5

    I reworked the whole map according to user feedback. There is now a central bridge The bridge leads to the center. This is where the teams meet, usually. The bases are entrenched on the opposite sides of the canyon. There are also...
  2. Alpha 3

    First off, yes, I do release these rapidly. This is because I want to get out any broken gameplay, or silly errors before I detail it. I'd rather have a playable map as soon as possible then a pretty one that's broken (though, I do want it to be...
  3. Alpha 2

    Changelog (A1 -> A2) ------------------------------------- * Added Spectator Cameras * Added "Curves" to the Walls, infront of the bases and to the sides. * Fixed Texture Alignments on ramps. * Modified Lighting on Intelegence (to be the same -...