Bug Boy's Bodacious Body

Bug Boy's Bodacious Body 2019-08-05

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Bug Boy's Bodacious Body 2019-08-05

Cosmetic set for the Scout

Making a three-part cosmetic set for the 72-hour jam - more like 32 hours for me since I was away from home and will be busy all morning tomorrow - proved to be a huge mistake. To be honest, I'm actually quite pleased with how the tail turned out. It's actually a really good model. Too bad I don't have time to get jigglebones set up on it. As for the wings and headpiece, it's clear that they were rushed and need a lot more polishing.

Enjoy the set for yourself via the download. All the raw, uncompiled files are in there. You may use the files however you please - I really don't care. Mod them into the game for yourself, see unfinished they look lol.
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