[Videos] Callouts in Under 60 Seconds

[Videos] Callouts in Under 60 Seconds 2018-07-28

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[Videos] Callouts in Under 60 Seconds 2018-07-28

Have you ever found yourself not knowing the callouts just a minute before you're about to play?

This is a series of five videos with callouts for maps used in competitive play. There seemed to be a lack of videos on just callouts and not map reviews and the just-callout videos were often kinda long, so I made a few 60-second (for koth maps) and 120-second (for playload maps) callout videos.

Some of the maps featured in these videos were even created in previous 72-hour jams (cascade, vigil)!

You can download them, or just view the YouTube playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGfGx7wru3O2Ewham7CAmg1o_d9md1J2L
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