Bruhstbowl 2

Multi Stage Bruhstbowl 2 _b1

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+Beautified the bridge between 2-A and 2-B
+Attempted to make it clearer for BLU where to go when leaving their spawn for 2-B
+Added more detail to BLU's former forward spawn on Stage 2

The bridge in question:
-Converted BLU's second spawn for Stage 2 into a normal route that opens after 2-A is capped
+BLU now takes over RED's first spawn for Stage 2 after 2-A is capped (similar to previous versions, but rebalanced)
[!]This overall results in BLU spawning further forward than before
+Added some extra detail to RED's first spawn for Stage 2

[!]This is the final update before the map's Steam Workshop release
+Restored the map's old luxel size, texlights and sound overrides
(Amusingly, the map's filesize has overall increased despite removing the sharp shadows.)
+Added a new, TFClassic-styled resupply locker to all spawn rooms
+Added more detail to BLU's second spawn for Stage 2 (why would I add detail to this area when it might be the only area I remove next update? Crazy...)
+Added some strategically placed rocks in RED's second spawn for Stage 1 to prevent the spawnroom's doors from sticking through a rock wall while open

The version after this one THIS TIME FOR SURE will be the final version before the Steam Workshop release.
|Adjusted cover atop the low-ground shack at 1-A to make it easier to outrange the cheesy sentry spot on BLU's right as they exit spawn
+Clipping fixes and rendering improvements mostly between 2-A and 2-B

This version will be the final audit for whether BLU needs a forward spawn to attack 2-B.
The next version after this will be the final version before the Steam Workshop release.

Here's a preview of the thumbnail:


Probably what I'll do with this thumbnail in the coming few days is rework the text to look more like a 90s-style metal wall texture.

Oh, by the way, here's the actual cp_bruhstbowl thumbnail for comparison (circa 23rd October 2022):

+The mechanic where 30 seconds after the round starts, 1-A's captime is set to 17 seconds is no longer broken

+Added a new route between 2-A and 2-B

Last version had me notice that the routing between 2-A and 2-B tends to funnel BLU into one tight corridor. This wasn't a problem in previous versions, since BLU would take over RED's old spawn and could use this to bypass the corridor and go directly to the 2-B forward hold. This new route restores that functionality to BLU.
+Added a barricade between 2-A and 2-B that will hopefully better enable RED to find 2-A to defend it

|RED now has a 9 second respawn wave time when defending 1-A (was 8)

+Added more health for BLU when attacking the 1-B forward hold; added slightly less for them when attacknig the backward hold since they already have plenty
|RED now has a 10 second respawn wave time when defending 1-B (was 9)
A2C Changelog:
+Dramatically reduced the filesize by compiling the map without HDR, which was not a feature in the GoldSource engine anyway
+Majorly buffed the ladder logic

|Retextured the inverted pyramid thingies in the 2-A BLU lobby
|Relit the entire map with actual light entities because sono reckons CompilePal isn't detecting her texlights but I gave her A2C on November 13th, 2023 and am tired of waiting

-sono will likely be unhappy with me considering that I even reduced luxel size below 16 in many places, which was not something anyone did (or, I think, even could do) in TFClassic

A2B Changelog:
|Swapped the stages back
|We have officially used both of our stage-swap coupons and can never do it again

|BLU now gets 4 minutes and 30 seconds added to the round timer when they capture 2-A (was 4 minutes)
|RED now has a 9 second respawn wave time while defending 2-B (was 10)

+Added a small ammo to the medium health, and small health to the medium ammo on the 2-B backward hold to help it feel less like the entire RED team is sharing a single pickup
|Generally adjusted the health and ammo around 2-B to make the backward hold slightly more difficult for BLU and to make it slightly easier for RED to re-assume the forward hold after losing it

|The internal capture time value of 1-B is now 10 (was 12)
|BLU's respawn wave time when attacking 1-B is now 2 (was 3)

The stage-swapped playtest taught us that Stage 2 actually is suitably difficult for its placement, but the problem is that Stage 1 is so hard that any BLU team who can clear it can usually also clear Stage 2.
So, this version and future versions will look at slowly but surely reducing the difficulty of Stage 1 until we have a balanced final product.

+Added a new set of doors that block off the entrances to RED's first spawn for stage 2 after 2-A is capped
This should hopefully help BLU not get lost in this area, which was a very pervasive problem before
|swapped the stages around temporarily so people stop whining about not seeing the changes we made
|changed the method the ladders use for their movement, uses the swimming condition instead of the jank vscript
This version is absolutely 100% identical to A2.
The only reason this is being uploaded is to fix a site issue which made A2 impossible to download.
From Tiftid:

+added a new forward spawn for BLU to attack 2-B, replacing their old confusing takeover of RED's spawn
+added a new connector between the high-ground ladder route and low-ground route in the 2-A forward hold

|counteracted the increased walk time for BLU to 2-B because of this forward spawn by increasing RED's respawn wave time when defending 2-B to 10 seconds (was 8)
-deleted a confusing underground section between 2-A and 2-B since it only existed because of BLU's takeover of RED's spawn
-removed a route into the 2-A forward hold in order to make it harder for BLU to just walk past RED and onto the point