Brookback A6

An alpine 2cp a/d map with lots of height variation

  1. uh oh go back

    • Re-did A5 (again)
    • Newer last point has had some thought put to it this time
    • Some cover round 1st + new stair case to slow attacker a little
    • Widened the area at the exit to the flank at 1st so defenders can see gamers approach
    • Nodraw'd most the non-visible brushwork
    • Perhaps respawn times will be tweaked next
  2. Major second point overhaul

    • Re-did all of B and the previous area: I wasnt happy with the old one.
    • The area outside Blue spawn now has a bit of height variation.
    • The only bit that has stayed from A1 is that bridge bit at B I guess I have to keep that bit forever.
  3. Minor changes with game logic

    • Adjusted RED & BLU spawn times to prevent steamrolls
    • Simplified (?) RED spawn
    • Added a couple more pickups (mainly health)
    • Some touch-ups on messy brushwork
    Chances are, next update I'ma sort out the curved transition area but I'll do a playtest with larger player counts first.
  4. Various Reworks

    • At first I've cut off red access to blue's deck and blue access to red deck to stop red being overrun from all angles and to keep a frontline.
    • Broken up the space in the curved area before B.
    • Removed the lower parts before A by Blu spawn.
    • Replaced the watchtower at B with a bridge/balcony to allow better Red access to the pre-B area.
    • Coloured blu bridge with blue textures to make it obvious where people attack from.
    • Added more signage.
    • Removed most/all...
  5. First Point Overhaul

    • Entire first half has been remade with reduce height and open-ness.
    • Vents on second have been replaced with a corridor
    • Lowered the watchtower on second.
    • Removed a spawn exit on second (the whole spawn may be reworked next update depending on tests)
    • Reduced spawn times.
    • Red's teamspawns now face in the optimal direction.