Broadcast A4

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Broadcast A4

That's one large Radio Mast...

It's the 60's, and the world is changing as we know it. Like, how RED decided to build a big - a** radio mast in the middle of a secret facility found in the high altitudes of thunder mountain. And that's where BLU comes in. Nobody knows the true motives of the site, but BLU spies tell us that they're using the Radio mast as a central signal which somehow can only communicate with radios / electronics in RED facilities. RED's job is, simply put, to defend their radio mast, which is where the last control point is located. BLU has to capture all of RED's control points, and they'll send in air support to attack the base immediately. Including the Radio Tower. This map is a Attack / Defend map.


-This map is not ready for gamedays, imp testing, or any of the sort. It's just a showcase. Only BLU's spawnroom is present, so there is no RED spawnroom - yet.

-This map isn't compressed into bz2 (Whatever the f*** they call it), so it's just a lone bsp.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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