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Bonk Plant RC2

Robots gotten into the Bonk Plant, They are up in surger.

  1. RC_Polygons
    Welcome to Bonk Plant, you will need defeat the robots after they have overrun the local bonk manufacturing plant.

    There are two missions currently, more will be added at a later date.

    Expert Mission: hydromechanical lagoon (Created by Super Somario)

    Advance Mission: soda saga (Created By A+drew)

    Advance Mission: Colamanity (Created by Skin King)

    Thumbnail is created by LASER ACE

    Wavebar Showcase is created by CreatorForce

    Map is created by RC Polygons

    Tank Times (at 75 speed) -
    A1 (Bottom Right) 2.25 Mins
    B1 (Center) 1.43 Mins
    C1 (Top Left) 2.15 Mins
    D1 (Top Right) 1.40 Mins

    You will have to download the Mission Pop Files and Navigation File threw this link, due to the workshop not supporting the files.


    mario_mission.png drew_mission.png skin_mission.png 20200503125858_1.jpg 20200503125836_1.jpg 20200503125911_1.jpg 20200503125922_1.jpg 20200503125929_1.jpg 20200503125937_1.jpg 20200503125946_1.jpg 20200503125954_1.jpg 20200503130004_1.jpg

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