blockbuster b6

A King of The Hill Map Created For Highlander

  1. b6 release

    Followed through with all the things I said I would push by this version, also consulted a few people with different levels of vision impairment to help tweak the map

    • raised the mid point up by roughly 50 h/u to prevent direct line of site from extremely far back
    • replaced all the greenscreen textures with a less saturated one
    • added some props in front of the green screens behind cliff to make players stand out more
    • adjusted the middle ledge geometry so it no longer juts...
  2. b5b release

    still some floating nodraws here and there, but they'll be all gone by b6 which I aim to have released by next friday

    • removed all dev textures
    • removed the mesh fence near under's entrace
    • tweaked the cover and batts around the left side of house to make the area feel more 3D and provide more decloak spots for spy
    • reworked the cover where the truck used to be
    • reworked the cover outside the spawn
    • clipped off the lamp in pocket
  3. b5a release

    Small update, just wanted to fix a few things I had missed in b5

    • aligned the skybox correctly
    • further decorated the skybox
    • clipped the railing in unders
    • extended the building outside of the left spawn exit to help with performace
    • added area portals to the left and middle connectors
    Next update will finish the skybox and add anything suggested to me from playtests over the weekend
  4. b5 release

    • Added a 3d skybox. Its not complete but I wanted to push one out so the map looked less poo
    • Deatiled the ramps leading into unders
    • Detailed the walls around spawn
    I am aware the skybox is slightly unaligned, I'll fix this in the next version, I just wanted to push this out as I have spent the last 2 days headscratching this :)


    1. mid.jpg
    2. spawn.jpg
    3. house.jpg
    4. cliff.jpg
    5. unders.jpg
  5. b4d release

    • Few clipping fixes
    • Z fighting fixes
    • Fixed some overlays not showing on some brushes

    • the murals at spawn are broken
    • i packed my hud into the map

    • Converted the walls at mid to brushes to be more consistent and make players more aware of where they can and cannot climb
    • Changed the walls around the dumpster to prevent players from hiding so easily
    • Replaced the...
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  6. b4c: the big deet

    • Fixed clipping
    • Started detailing spawns
    • Adjusted a lot of pre-existing details to accommodate for new details
    • Spawn and spawn connectors have been completely redone
    • Blue and Red's themes have been redone with Blue now being the moon and Red being a western
    • Reworked the overhang on the left rollout to make demo rollouts a little easier
    • Adjusted a lot of fences around spawn
    • Raised right...
  7. b4b release

    • Wow, lots of feedback since b4!
    • Thanks again to raze, omni, core and everyone in au hl mercs discord for helping shape the map!
    • Fixed a few incosistencies
    • edited the main route from spawn to remove a cheeky sightline
    • added a shelf in house for spies to hide on (im aware its incosistent on either side, I kinda got everything pushed before I realised; this will be fixed in b4c)
    • removed most...
  8. b4a release

    • adjusted some clipping and block bullets
    • added more cover leading to mid
    • flipped the wall near the pack under catwalk
    • added a rock leading to point to add cover
    • raised the wooden walls at mid
    • made the house windows flush
  9. b4 release

    • We're back in action; decided to finally push b4 out the gates
    • Added a few new posters
    • Completely reworked the catwalk making it now run through the house instead of around it
    • Reworked the inside of house to accompany the new catwalk
    • Removed dropdown that led to unders
    • Made the cliffs at mid flat instead of slanted
    • Made it easier to navigate your way onto the mid cliffs
  10. b3 release (its magnetic)

    • Started nodraw-ing the outside of the map and working on general optimisation
    • fixed some clipping at spawn
    • Magnetised and Stunk the map up
    • Gave Doc a home
    • Sloped the cutaway on mid so jumping across the highground as soldier is easier
    • Added a new dropdown into unders on the rightside (this is an extreme change and one I'm willing to undo if people find to be a downgrade so feedback here is...
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