blockbuster b6

A King of The Hill Map Created For Highlander

  1. harris0n
    A koth map made with help from higher level australian highlander players.

    This map's gameplay is inspired heavily by product, warmtic, ashville and cascade (all maps commonly played within the australian scene).

    Feedback is appreciated


    1. mid.jpg
    2. spawn.jpg
    3. house.jpg
    4. cliff.jpg
    5. unders.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. b6 release
  2. b5b release
  3. b5a release

Recent Reviews

  1. QLAKD-Jif
    Version: a3a
    I think it's going in a good direction.
    Reminds me of Viaduct.
    The bridge at the top makes it look unique but it does make me walk me walk inside it.
    It's good keep going!