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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. b6 release

    Followed through with all the things I said I would push by this version, also consulted a few people with different levels of vision impairment to help tweak the map raised the mid point up by roughly 50 h/u to prevent direct line of site from...
  2. b5b release

    NO MORE DEV TEXTURES still some floating nodraws here and there, but they'll be all gone by b6 which I aim to have released by next friday removed all dev textures removed the mesh fence near under's entrace tweaked the cover and batts around...
  3. b5a release

    Small update, just wanted to fix a few things I had missed in b5 aligned the skybox correctly further decorated the skybox clipped the railing in unders extended the building outside of the left spawn exit to help with performace added area...

Latest reviews

I think it's going in a good direction.
Reminds me of Viaduct.
The bridge at the top makes it look unique but it does make me walk me walk inside it.
It's good keep going!