DynCP Blizzard B2a

Contest map by PyroDevil and KubeKing

  1. Bug fixes

    Been a while since I updated this.
    -Added another path on stage 2 to point a
    -bug fixes
    -fixed broken areaportal
    -some other things
  2. New update

    Thought it would be a good idea to fix some of the bugs found during the contest, as well as some extra detailing. Hopefully everything should be packed.
    Stage 1
    -increased blu's respawn time at the start
    -fixed railings rising with the elevator
    -changed chrome metal texture to a non-reflective metal
    -added soundscapes
    -added shutters to building overlooking blu's forward spawn.
    -fixed spawnroom visualizers
    Stage 2
    -Both A and B's capture time are increased by 3 seconds
    -removed doors that...
  3. Beta 1!

    Finally in Beta! This is the version submitted to the contest.
    -Detailed both areas
    -Stage 1's B was redone
    -other minor changes and fixes

    I'll update the screenshots later
  4. a9a_s2

    New update to Stage 2
    - Changed Red Spawn
    - Removed Blu's Forward Spawn
    - Changed Molten Steel texture
    - Increased Cap time for B to 9 seconds
    - Minor detailing to help with navigation
    - A few more arrows
    - Fixed people getting stuck in World Geometry when riding the train.
  5. Another one: a8_s1

    Updated stage 2
    - red spawn is farther from B
    - B's capture time shortened from 10 seconds to 8
    - Fixed some parts of the train
    - enlarged diagonal window near B
    - other minor changes
  6. Stage 2 update

    I've split the two stages so KubeKing can work on the first.
    -New route from A to B
    -redid forward spawn
    -Added signs for direction
    -Closed off unnecessary areas
  7. Second Stage Added!

    New Update
    -Added stage 2
    -fixed some particle
    -removed forcerespawn that would respawn red team after A was captured.
  8. Another update

    New Update : a5_s1
    - Fixed being able to build in blu spawn
    - added some more health
    - a bit minor detailing
    - shortened courtyard ramp
    - stuff I can't remember
  9. another update

    -redid entire logic for elevator
    -detailed a bit
    -changed a few health packs
    -increased red spawn time
    -some optimization
  10. Quick-Fix update

    Quick update
    - expanded blu spawn to make it clear you are on a ship
    - custom textures/models are now packed
    - increased cap time form both points
    - put nobuild on the elevator
    - new bridge