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Balloon Race Prefab v1

Ballooning out of control!

How this prefab is played:
Race to capture the control points, a balloon will need to be stationed at a control point in order to capture the control points. If both teams have a score of 2 capture points when all 4 control points are captured, a race to the finish will commence and whoever's balloon reaches the end first wins! A player needs to stand at the helm of the balloon in order for the balloon to move and gain speed.

Changes from actual balloon race map as default in this prefab:
  • Minimum points to win changed from 4 to 3
  • Speed boost status changed from whoever captured the point to whoever did not capture the point as a comeback mechanic
  • Whenever your team captures a point, your respawn wave time increased by 2 seconds, and your enemies' decrease by 2 seconds as a comeback mechanic
  • Changed speed boost text to an F-Zero reference
  • Added locks on the HUD to signify when capture points can be captured
  • A few brushes removed from the balloons so Hammer++ did not through a hissy fit

How to use:
Select the path_track entities that are labled with a 2 at the end (r_2, b_capone_2, r_captwo_2, b_capthree_2, etc) and shift+drag them, they will auto connect with the pervious track while also setting the next point as their next destination.

To set up a shortcut:
Set one of the track's alternate route to one of the b_capXSkip_1 tracks. Next you will want to create an output targeted to the track that had the alt route set, not the actual skip track. That output should input "Enable alternate path" and the corresponding balloon will take that path if it has not passed the track already.​

To increase and decrease the amount of capture points needed to win change the math counters' Maximum Legal Value that are by default placed behind the balloons on the orange square.

  • Chuckstar - Creator of Balloon Race
  • Geitiegg - Assistant on Balloon Race
  • Squaggies - Compiler of this prefab
Thank you to Chuckstar for providing a VMF to the original Balloon Race on its gamebanana page. Please credit the original creators of Balloon Race if you use this prefab, I don't need to be credited but credit/linking this prefab download will always be appreciated. Remember, Balloon Race was never intended to be a super serious gamemode, but I tried adding some very basic balancing encase anyone wants to create a super serious balloon race map
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