Backlog a5

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Change Log:
- Remade mid again, should provide the more snappy back and forth gameplay that plr needs.
- Added some height advantage for the attacking team over the entrance to mid.
- Added some back routes that lead to said height advantages.
- Changed the ground besides the big ramp into displacements.
- Added setup gates so that teams can better prepare their defenses.
- Change bomb pit so that carts don't just drop straight down when the point is captured.
- Removed the auto rollforward tiebreaker to encourage team pushes.


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a4: Change Log

This version I decided to basically rework the flow of the map so that it has more back and forth pushing like in most plr maps.

-Completely removed the old cart starting area.
-Added a new mid to the map, as well as new connectors to old areas.
-redid the spawns.
-expanded to bomb pit room to include some defensive positions ad back rooms.

plr_backlog_a40008.jpgplr_backlog_a40007.jpg <--- New middleplr_backlog_a40003.jpg <--- New bomb pitplr_backlog_a40002.jpg <--- This is really the only part of the old version to survive
last minute update. Just an update to the building geometry.
Change log:

- Rebuilt most of the cart spawn area.
- Moved the rail crossing more towards the middle of the map.


The new cart start area should be more interesting and fun to play now, and the moved cart crossing should help to help prevent rolls. We'll see how it plays.

P.S it's like 3:00 AM in my time zone at the time of this update, so I'm going to bed.


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