Azumith mc13_a5b

Microcontest entry

  1. cp_azumith_mc13_a5b

    Issues with previous version:
    • While the one way door on A did prevent Red from rushing in front of Blu's spawn, it also didn't really help Blu push at all.
    • All openings to A could be easily watched by one sniper. There wasn't enough cover for attackers.
    • Blu had difficulty running to C as the B-C connector was a bit too open? They seem to ignore the covered flank route that gives them height advantage and a place to set up.
    • Red's spawn on C was a little too close...
  2. cp_azumith_mc13_a5a

    A turned out to be a huge issue in the last version. Hopefully this update will fix it and I can get info on B and C.

    Issues with previous version:
    • I listened to an engineer player in a previous game and increased ammo on the first point. This unfortunately made A one of the strongest holds in the entire map. Whoops! It also brought out some other issues in the map though.
    • Since Red has access to the high ground route that Blu is supposed to use, Red can effectively...
  3. cp_azumith_mc13_a5

    Everything past A didn't really play well at all, so I just ripped it all out and made everything new beyond that. New A-B connector all the way to C and Red's spawn. Hopefully things will play better this time?

    Changes in this version
    • Everything lol
    • A-B and B-C connectors entirely new, walking time increased to 15 seconds between each point by Heavy.
    • All points take longer to cap now so Blu doesn't roll.
    • B and C are entirely new.
    • Altered some pickups on A....
  4. cp_azumith_mc13_a4a

    Minor update as I didn't get much feedback in the previous test.

    Changes in this update:
    • Cover in front of A is now completely solid - no more small slats for bullets to slide through
    • Added a little cover to break up a long sight line in the A -B connector and make it seem less open. May still need further modification.
    • Adjusted left route into B to be slightly more to the left to break up Red sniper sight line of point and to give more breathing room for setting...
  5. cp_azumith_mc13_a4

    Summary of feedback and issues in a3:
    I'm glad I was able to get a high player count test because it has made issues with the map are a lot more apparent and I got more feedback with more eyes on it. The map was playing relatively well with lower player counts, and that really affected how I was determining what to do with the map. I'm not going to list the minor bugs here - I'd like to talk more about more severe issues.

    Blu has difficulties maintaining control of the B-C...
  6. cp_azumith_mc13_a3

    Problems in last version:
    • Soldiers on Blu could rocket jump up the wall and fire over Blu's first spawn
    • Blu's balcony on B was hard for Red to reach and defend against
    • Red's balcony on B had zero protection
    • Blu's forward spawn didn't face the direction of movement towards the next point which confused some players
    • Blu did not see and access the flank route on C, possibly due to the triple tank platform.
    • Platform on top of the triple tanks in the B - C...
  7. cp_azumith_mc13_a2a

    This is a minor bug fix release.
    I'm going to resubmit this for another imp since I've had conflicting feedback and the last imp died on my map.

    All that's fixed in this version:
    • Red's last spawn was always disabled and players would keep teleporting in from the forward spawn, making it appear that Red's last spawn only had one spawn point. Red's last spawn points are now all enabled properly.
    • Removed weird clipping on windows that made people walk off the balcony ledge on...
  8. cp_azumith_mc13_a2

    Since the a1 went so well for the micro contest, I'm going to see if I can pivot this to be an entry for the Rule of Thirds Major contest.

    Issues with a1:
    • B and C were right next to each other. This is because I was running out of time and patience making a1. Sorry!
    • B was a bit of a meat grinder for Blu. Blu would essentially have to team-wipe Red in order to cap. Part of this is due to Red's spawn being so close to B. Blu didn't have much cover or routes to work...