Azumith b1e

Microcontest entry

  1. cp_azumith_mc13_a5b

    Issues with previous version:
    • While the one way door on A did prevent Red from rushing in front of Blu's spawn, it also didn't really help Blu push at all.
    • All openings to A could be easily watched by one sniper. There wasn't enough cover for attackers.
    • Blu had difficulty running to C as the B-C connector was a bit too open? They seem to ignore the covered flank route that gives them height advantage and a place to set up.
    • Red's spawn on C was a little too close and they could peek the shutter door freely.

    Changes in this version:
    • Made the one way door on A into a door that only opens once A is capped. I may revert this, I really don't know what to do with this door at this point lol
    • Added some signs to guide Blu players on the awning - their height advantage on A. They have tended to ignore it thus far for some reason.
    • Closed one of the entrances to A and replaced it with another entrance in a slightly different location. Added some cover to the A area so that every entrance can't be watched from a single location.
    • Added a little bit of cover on the B-C connector so Blu can hide and run to C a little more safely?
    • Added some more signs on the flank route of the B-C connector so Blu hopefully uses it this time.
    • Removed a cover prop on C to make attacking easier.
    • Moved Red's spawn on C back slightly. Changed the layout so the exit going towards B isn't on top of the route to the C.
    • Decreased cap times overall
    • Removed force respawn for Red once Blu caps B. I forgot I still had that on.
    • Slightly altered respawn times. In general Blu respawns a few seconds faster and Red respawns a few seconds later than before.

    Screenshots of changes:
    20210729034621_1.jpg 20210729034632_1.jpg 20210729034645_1.jpg 20210729034704_1.jpg 20210729034723_1.jpg 20210729034737_1.jpg 20210729034744_1.jpg
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